1. I`m planning shooting / wedding abroad. Do you shoot in other cities and countries?

We are destination photographers from 2011. During this years we gained a wealth of experience, understanding of traditions and etiquette of different cultures. Tell us about your wishes and we`ll offer special options for you.

2. What style do you shoot?

Please go at the "Stories" page. Look through the whole shooting: from bride's morning until cake, or engagement shooting, or family portraits. Look at least 4-5 stories to get an impression of the style, venue, time of year, etc.
"Portfolio" page consists of our best photos from different shootings, cities, countries and years.

3. Do you always work together?

In most cases, yes. This is convenient for many reasons. While one photographer is shooting, another works with lighting equipment, so it allows to make more interesting and exclusive photos. Also we shoot major moments of the wedding from different angles and points of location. While one shoots putting on rings, the second catches the unique parents and relatives` emotions. One photographer finishes shooting of the couple, and at the same time the second photographer works on the reception and with guests.

4. What equipment do you use?  If the main equipment crashed during shooting, do you have reserve one?

We use professional Canon equipment and lenses for portrait and reportage shooting. Also we bring lighting equipment if necessary.

Of course, we don`t risk your memories! Your photos are safe and will not disappear: we shoot for a double set of photographic equipment, all photos are duplicated on two flash drives during the shooting and stored in duplicate also. Of course, this is slightly reflected in prices, but hardly one-time saving money is better than showing your children wedding photos taken by boozy guests` phones.

5. We want to make engagement shooting. What interesting can you offer us?

Engagement shooting is a great way to get acquainted with us and get used to the camera before the wedding. We can make wonderful photos of you together, happy and falling in love. Or we can help to organize a shooting in any fantastic place!

6. Can you give us a discount?

We don't give discounts and don`t bargain by the phone or correspondence, talking for the first time. But, for example, we have discounts for large orders or for engagement + wedding order.

7. How to book the date?

First we meet (live or video call), conclude a contract, we receive a prepayment and the date is yours!

8. Is it necessary to meet both bride and groom before ordering wedding photographer?

We think yes, it's very important. We all getting acquainted, find out each other better, discuss your wedding plans. Please come to a meeting together - to avoid all misunderstandings.

9. Do you help during photo shoot?

During the shooting we advise you how to look beautiful and elegant in pictures. We pay attention to a lot of details and slightly guiding your movements, choosing the suitable light, background and angle. The main goal - your comfort, so you`ll look natural and relaxed in photos.

10. We didn't find in your portfolio photos with guests, do you take family photos at the wedding?

Of course, these photos are necessary. We don't show them in portfolio (not every guest wants to see himself in the Internet), but we know that your parents and relatives love them.

11. How many pictures will I get after the shooting? And how many photos will be edited?

We guarantee minimum 50 photos per working hour for wedding and engagement, for other shootings - minimum 30 photos per hour. Usually you`ll receive more pictures, everything depends on the wedding day, number of guests, etc. You will receive all photos edited as in the portfolio.

12. How long should I wait for my photos?

Wedding: from 2 to 20 weeks, depends on our busyness, schedule and season. Other shootings: within 4 weeks.

13. Can I get all RAW photos?

No. RAW files are our property due to copyright law. We select the best shots, then edit, collect in series and you get a whole complete story in JPG format.

14. Do you make albums?

Sure! Our books are made of high quality materials and printed perfectly! Please, for more info see the "Albums" page.

15. Do you have your own transport in wedding day?

Yes, usually we drive by our car. But sometimes it`s better to use a taxi or a car with your driver to save more time for shooting.

16. Can I come to the shooting with a friend? They will just look, not interfere.

During the shooting there are just you and us for the comfort of all. Wedding is the exception:)

17. So how much your photo shooting costs?

Please contact us in any convenient way in the "Contact" page, tell us about date, location, type of shooting. We`ll offer you the optimal option.