Impressions from printed album, flipping through pages, touching a velvety cover... It`s incomparable with looking photos on computer or small phone`s screen. No wonder your grandparents are ready to leave many things without regret, but the album (especially the wedding) will be stored in the best and safest place.

The main purpose of album - to tell your story correctly, putting accents on the main thing, and choose photos that perfectly supply one another. Many couples told us while looking through album, that they not only reminisced wedding, but saw it in a completely new way.

We have won awards in professional competitions for the "Album Design" thanks to the high artistic education, as well as experience in the design and layout of magazines in Belarus and Germany.

Cooperating with the best album`s manufactures guarantees high quality of technology and materials. The album will remain with you for many years and will be passed on from generation to generation.

The cost of each album is calculating individually: depends on the size, number of pages, cover materials and so on. We have a special offer for couples who have ordered wedding photo shooting.